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How it Works

Get listed on and get exposed to more potential clients in your area. Add your companies information and we show it to clients who contact us for moving labor in your area.


Let customers book your services online directly through our site and recieve live orders - not leads.


We do not take a percentage of your order, we do not charge you a booking fee.

You pay a insertion fee of $5 - that's it. No account deactivation or "renewal fee" every few days.


We do not add a high service fee - your customer pays your price + our $10 service fee. This helps us pay for the site, the apps, blogging and advertising.


How to Get Listed

  • Fill out form

  • We verify your company's information

  • Your company's profile gets listed on our website. is  Moving Help Center partner company. With 70% of our traffic coming from, we connect you with customer who are seriously interested in moving labor services.


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