Hire Moving Helpers with a Rental Truck and Simply Pack Your Things!

Moving labor services usually only includes the movers and a dolly, now you can ask the movers to rent & drive a rental truck as well. For you next move, all you have to do is pack, your moving helpers do the rest.


This year a lot of moving labor brokers are opening the doors to moving helpers with a rental truck option for clients. "Most customers are afraid to rent a truck and drive it within their city because they are not use to it, but we are" said CEO of Moving Help Center, Rome C. Dias. "Its not just a service, its a solution to a public safety problem as well"

Whenever clients opt for moving helpers with a truck, the company rents or provides the moving truck for the customer's upcoming move. Customers still have to pack their things. The movers wrap furniture, load, drive & unload the clients boxes & furniture at their new location.

"Although we have some movers who provide the moving service locally, we have some who also go long-distance" reported Rome C. Dias as he explained a little more about the services.


Need moving helpers with a truck? Let us know when & where and we will see if we have someone available to assist you. Click here for Moving Helpers with a Truck

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