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Finding moving helpers who are willing to assist you with loading/unloading your rental truck isn't difficult; however, to find a reliable one with reasonable prices might be a little more challenging than one might expect.

There are alot of ways to contract help prior to moving day, but as reality reveals to most people, they may want to consider the source.

As a moving coordinator for a large network of moving labor providers, I get calls from people all over the US, usually with the same basic need: moving help. The frantic ones all seem to have the same problem: The helpers they hired elsewhere haven't arrived or called.

Almost daily I get calls for last-minute movers from clients who need movers to pull them out of the hole their "trusted" movers dumped them into minutes ago. Although we have a limited stock of moving helpers enrolled in our program, we have reliable movers whose word is their bond.

"We will be there" isn't just an automatic response to the seasoned person, experienced movers seriously consider each order and their ability to pull it off  prior to accepting it and bonding it with their word. In return, we send them daily work from customers with reasonale requests.


Our moving labor program only accepts men & companies of good standing and with a traceable history and presence. We believe - more like we know - that a strong reliable network is only as strong and reliable as the companies you link in the chain.

We also know not to accept all eager parties at their word. We only consider those with the "Gold" element and standard. An eager mouth doesn't necessarily mean happy feet, and we are looking for a perfect match to assist our clients.

We enroll good, hardworking companies/men into our network and in return we connect them with clients with reasonable expectations. Both parties involved are happy because they both came in with expectations and they both walked away with them met: Client needed a team of moving helpers to load his one-bed-room apartment within 2-3 hours; movers were available to load up a small rental truck for a client  from a 1 bedroom with minimal furnishing from a 2nd floor apartment in the morning. Both delivered, to the letter and number, prices are quoted upfront and do not change on location.

Our clients hire us because we deliver 3 things:

  • Flat & Reasonable Rates

  • Competent Help

  • Delivered On Time

Our providers stick with us because we are consistent in 3 things:

  • Cash Daily

  • Reasonable requests

  • Friendly clients.


We have clients who have hired the same services elsewhere and at a higher rate - not to mention the fact they had to pay for it upfront .

Noone, not even the movers themselves can predict what will happen on moving day - or the day before. Why risk a big lost or tangle yourself and your credit card in a web of information or online contract? I advise my clients to consider this whenever they hire moving help online.

When hiring help online, always leave a little room for the possibility that some thing may not go according as planned. And if things do dip in that direction, how are you protected? Also, consider how well the company is protected.

Moving companies and movers are responsible for their injuries while performing their duties. They will also let clients know whenever they will not, for safety reasons, do something. If a client asks a mover to perform a move that's a clear risk to their safety or integrity of the move, the move can and will decline.

They protect themselves against financial damage through contracts, such as insurance, bonds, etc. Business is business.


Brokers tend to protect their finiancial interest in the world of business as well, legally enough, in small print somewhere on a fax or agreement the eager clients sign days prior to their move - usually right before paying for the move upfront or as they leave their credit card information on file.

If you arrive late, or if something occurs and you decide to cancel your order on moving day, well, some brokers will charge you a nice sum for that. And, like it or not, clients do have to pay up. The broker, convienently enough, has the clients credit card on file - along with a long-list of do's and don't that most clients didn't read in the first place.


The easy, smart & obvious way to avoid moving labor broker scams would be not to get hooked into them. As a broker for hundreds of companies, I can say there's nothing I can say about the companies future performance no more than the client can predict the lottery numbers. All we can really tell you is (1) The prices (2) The availability (3) Their reliability (4) They accepted Your Order.

We do not make promises, but we do deal with men who have a track record of delivering two things: Their Skill & Their Word. That's how we operate.

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