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Moving Help Center, a nationwide moving labor broker, recently opened to connect clients with movers who have a special deal they want announced. Like Groupon Movers, companies listed on must have a bono-fide discount for moving help services exclusive to Moving Help Center's growing network.

CEO of Moving Help Center, Rome C. Dias

The Good Deals

"It's simple. Movers want to close more deals & they understand that in order to do so they must offer something good in return. Quite often, a very attractive discount for moving labor services will help them seal the deal with the average DIY moving customer" Rome C. Dias, CEO of Moving Help Center commented.

No Deal, No Listing

We only list companies who are actually offering a moving help discount. We check several sources and moving labor brokers to ensure that the rates they are offering our network are lower than they normally offer - either on their own website or the numerous moving help marketplaces. Clients who rent a truck to move themselves are doing so, normally, to save money on relocation. We make sure they find moving labor help from people who are of the same spirit: economical & practical.

Not All Calls Get Answered

We are a network of movers, not brokers. Being that we are moving helpers as well, we know that sometimes the phone will ring with an unreasonable request from someone who wants it fulfilled at a lower than normal moving rate. We referred them to a source more fit to fulfill that order.

It is reasonable to expect two movers to load a 26ft truck full of heavy, hardwood, antique furniture from a 3rd floor for $120 total? We understand some clients might think its a good deal, but an experienced mover worth his salt will see it another way.

Experienced Movers Help Load & Unload Rentals

Fair, Reasonable & Smart

Get a great deal on moving labor help from a network of hardworking, honest movers in your area through Book online & pay the movers on location AFTER the move is complete. Plain, simple and straightforward!

Moving Helpers Online

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