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If you are moving soon, odds are you have heard of, or will hear about, MovingHelpCenter.com - they have really changed DIY moving for the good.

Moving Made Easier & Affordable

Moving Help Center's website does essentially the same thing as other moving help marketplaces do: connect clients with local moving labor providers to load/unload their rental truck or portable storage container. They also took it a step further by striking a deal with Budget Truck Rental and ABF UPack - their "moving affiliates".

People looking to move can hire moving labor services from local, experienced helpers, and they can get exclusive truck rental discounts, as well as discounts for renting a portable storage for moving, all at MovingHelpCenter.com

Moving Labor Industry

"The average person opts for do-it-yourself moving to save money on relocation, not because it's fun or because its the latest internet-challenge" said CEO Rome C. Dias. "There are some moving labor brokers, as well as a lot of providers, who keep forgetting why we exist" continued Rome, referring to the outrageous fees and requirements some companies shamelessly solicit from the person in need of moving help.

Moving Help Center routinely rejects applicants and they closely guard their screening process. Clients who do select a team from MovingHelpCenter's website do so knowing that to be on "the list" the provider has to have an extraordinary, verifiable, history. Providers who make "the list", do not want to get taken off since it greatly increases their bottomline.

Hire a Helper for Moving

Are you picky? Then MovingHelpCenter.com is the place to hire a helper for your upcoming move. Click here to Hire a helper

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